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    E-MIN Global Ministries is a Christian Internet-based ministry organization.  We believe the Internet is a "mission field", largely unrecognized by the majority of Christians and Christian ministries, and that E-MIN Global Ministries is, by best definition, a missions organization whose "call" is to take the message of Jesus Christ to that "mission field".

    As an organization, we are not affiliated with any particular Christian church, denomination, sect, and/or organization, nor do we embrace any such organization's doctrines, rules, regulations, and/or beliefs.

    We will not conduct or participate in disputes of any organization's doctrine(s), belief(s), or any similar controversies or arguments.

    As an organization, we support and believe the "foundational truths" stated herein, as supported by Scripture from the Holy Bible.

    We validate these beliefs only by Scripture from the Holy Bible. We do not use any other method of validation, nor do we entertain arguments from those who would seek to validate or discredit these beliefs by any source other than Scripture from the Holy Bible.


    Jesus specifically refers to the Jesus of the Holy Bible, New Testament, whose life and ministry are described in the first four books of the New Testament.

    Christ (from the Greek, Christos, same as the Hebrew word Messiah) is a title meaning anointed or the anointed one.

    Believer refers to a person that has made a cognizant and voluntary choice to believe in and on Jesus and confess that belief with their mouth.

    (Rule of Brevity: There may be many Scriptures that would validate, discuss, refer to, or "speak to" a particular point, however, we will herein cite, in most cases, only two or three per point. This is not to be misconstrued that the Scriptures listed herein are the only Scriptures we consider as validation of a particular belief.)

CLICK HERE  for expanded page (with supportingScriptures)

Authenticity of Scripture

    We believe that Scripture from the Holy Bible is inspired by God (in its original language and form) and is a reliable and trustworthy means to learn about God and to understand God, His ways, His character, and the plan of Salvation He has provided for every person.

Divinity of Jesus Christ

    We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

    We believe Jesus Christ was born of a virgin as the Prophets predicted.

Salvation Exclusively Through Jesus Christ

    We believe that salvation (eternal life with God) is possible exclusively through Jesus Christ.

Atonement Sacrifice for Sin

    We believe that Jesus Christ atoned (paid) for the sin of every human being once for all time with His own blood (by the sacrifice of His life on the cross).

Physcial Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    We believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead in a literal physical body and later ascended to heaven in that physical body, completing the work of atonement and establishment of the new covenant.

Eternal Life through Belief on Jesus Christ

    We believe that the atonement sacrifice of Jesus Christ is appropriated by a person's choice to believe on Him, receive Him as LORD, and verbally confess their choice to believe.

Eternal Destiny of the Believer

    We believe that those who believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord will live with Him forever in the presence of God.

Universal (or one) Body of Believers

    We believe there is one body of Believers (referred to in Scripture as the "body of Christ" or "church") which consists of ALL who believe in Jesus Christ, regardless of membership in or affiliation with any religious organization of human origin.

Commission to Believers by Jesus Christ

    We believe that all Believers are commissioned by Jesus Christ to take His gospel (good news) to all the world.

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