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Pioneering new  
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Disciple's Cup ™
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What do you get?

Your true "reward" for participating in "Disciple's Cup" is not a great acknowledgement from E-MIN.

It is far greater! 

It is the incomparable peace and priceless satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have made a real difference in a real person's life

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."   Jesus Christ, (Mat. 10:42)

Disciple's Cup is an innovative concept that enables you to achieve a global missions impact with as little as a dollar a month .

"By participating in Disciple's Cup, you give a virtual "cup of cold water" to tens of thousands daily by enabling E-MIN to daily satisfy their spiritual thirst in the virtual world of the Internet ."

Randall Vaughn, Founder of E-MIN

When you participate in Disciple's Cup, you are:

  • Bringing Scripture to countries like Saudi Arabia, where it is difficult to come by!  [click here]
  • Giving a "word of encouragement" to those who would otherwise have none!  [click here]
  • Bringing many around the world to salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  [click here]
  • Helping others to "hang on" a little longer when they would otherwise give up!  [click here]
  • Giving a refreshing daily virtual "cup of cold water" to the thousands of spiritually
    thirsty who have no one to help them.

 --  "But how can a dollar make a difference?" --

Obviously, one dollar alone would not.

 But yours - joined with others - CAN.

TOGETHER, we can have a global impact!

The concept:

Considering that a bottle of water costs about a dollar, through Disciple's Cup, you can give a virtual "cup of cold water" by enabling E-MIN to satisfy their "thirst" with the Word of God daily, and by doing so,

"...you will become one army of thousands instead of one individual.  By this one action on your part, E-MIN can fulfill its God-given mandate to reach the world for Jesus Christ via the Internet!"1

For E-MIN, your dollars, joined with others in an affinity relationship, can make the difference between reaching this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Internet, and otherwise, leaving thousands untouched in the vast "virtual" world of the Internet.


"...while this "virtual" world is composed of graphics, websites, and hardware, the people who live, work, and play in this "virtual" world and REAL.  The decisions they make in this "virtual" world are REAL -- and those decisions have eternal consequences."    Randall Vaughn

  They are the reason we do what we do every day  

   Will you help us reach them?  

Click Here to participate in "Disciple's Cup"

Your gifts to E-MIN are tax deductible.
E-MIN will provide you with an annual statement of giving for your tax records.

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1 Beth Amonett, President, Pinnacle Communicatons Group.