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Historical Overview
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In the beginning...

Many people believe it is important to make the Bible part of their daily lives. However, most do not due to the pressures and demands of everyday life and business. They may feel guilty, but they do not have a reasonable solution. To provide that "reasonable solution" is why E-MIN was begun.

After approximately one year of intense prayer, research, and planning, E-MIN began operations in 1998 with an e-mail service that provided an easy way for people to make the word of God and prayer part of their daily lives.

Our vision was simple and specific. It was (and is) to "sow the word" according to Mark 4:14, and thus "seed" this generation.

The foundation of the vision of this ministry remains the same, but its scope has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Impossible?  NO!

We believe this will positively this entire generation. because the impact of hundreds of thousands making the Word of God part of their daily lives (that previously did not do so because of the daily pressures and schedules they encounter) is virtually immeasurable for it's far-reaching effect.

Some have said that this vision sounds grandiose, unrealistic, even impossible. To the first century A.D. generation, it would have sounded equally impossible that the writings of one obscure prisoner of Rome would deeply impact every generation that would follow. In the 21st century, none could question the impact of the writings of Paul, the Apostle.

So... we continue to pursue the vision.

Write the vision

The LORD instructed Habakkuk to write his vision and make it clear and understandable.

Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. (Hab 2:2 NIV)

God has given us a very clear "vision" of our purpose and calling, where we are to go, and how we are to accomplish it, and we hope you find it plain and understandable in the information you will find on this website.

Only a handful of ministries today have the vision to see the Internet as a media for ministry (as opposed to a medium of information).  (That may sound like a "play on words" but there is a very distinct difference!)  E-MIN was among the first.

What IS Internet ministry?

We do not believe that just having a website on the Internet is equivalent to ministry on the Internet. There are thousands of church, ministry, and Christian-oriented websites, but they are predominantly "informational" websites where a person would go to get information about a ministry, contact them, purchase products, or reference information.

Few have "caught the vision" of the Internet's potential for ministry!)

The Internet:  Simply another media for ministry

The Internet has been viewed by many, especially those in ministry, with fear, ignorance, or apathy.

While there are "bad things" out there, and the technology can be intimidating for a non-technical person, we must begin to see the Internet as simply another media for ministry, similar to radio or television, but with the added advantage of interactivity, and we must recognize the unique opportunities it presents.

Because the Internet is unique, we cannot "think" in methods of the past.  We must develop new and innovative methods to minister via this media.

Visionaries and pioneers

We feel that we are in a similar position in this media to those early visionaries who saw the potential of radio and television in their day and pioneered its use for the gospel. Nothing further need be said as to the impact those pioneers have had on our world.

The "bottom line"...

We believe we are on the brink of an explosion of the Word of God via this media that is unprecedented in any generation before now.

We also hope that in the coming months and years, more will follow this pioneer trail being blazed. But for now, the journey must be begun and the first steps taken.

Come, join us on this wonderful journey -- and impact a generation!

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