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Title:   Are you the "hunter" or the "hunted"?
By Randall Vaughn

"You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.  Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.  (2 Tim 2:1,3 NIV)

My friend, Stan, was a U.S. Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War.

In that dark and difficult time of national turmoil and strong sentiment against the war, it was not popular to volunteer to go to Vietnam.  We all knew then that most young men in America turning eighteen years of age would be drafted if they did not volunteer or have some other compelling reason to avoid military service.  

Some even went to other countries to avoid the draft.  But that was not Stan's way.

One day, as he was sharing some of his experiences, he told me that he volunteered so he could become a SEAL because he wanted to be in the most aggressive program possible.

I asked him to explain, and he said, "I knew I would have to go, regardless, but if I had a choice in how I fought, I wanted to be the "hunter" and not the "hunted".   I wanted to be the one going after them instead of waiting for them to come after me."

I could not get that answer out of my mind.  It began a cascade of thoughts that turned to spiritual things.

Though some do not realize or understand, we are in a spiritual war.   Paul's writings in the New Testament are clear on that point.   It is a battle for the mind, heart, and spirit.   You are in that war, whether you like it or not.  You do not have a choice.   You are either the "hunter", or the "hunted".

Some years later, I wrote a song for the opening of a concert, and Stan's comments influenced the lyrics and exemplifies how they affected and impacted me.

It's all about a warfare, of which you are a part.
Not about flesh and blood, but matters of the heart.

There is no place where you can hide.   There's nowhere you can run.
You got involved the day you're born.   The deal's already done.

I made a decision that if I had to be in this war, this spiritual war, this warfare that is inescapable, this warfare that has eternal consequences, I would be like Stan.  I wanted to be the one up front leading the charge, not waiting in the back for "something" to come after me.

My life was already committed to God, but I found that my prayers began to change.  I began to pray things such as,  "Lord, I will go any place, at any time, and do any thing, no exceptions or conditions, but my desire is that You would use me to strike a blow at the heart of the enemy's kingdom."

I was not naive.   I knew what I was saying.   I understood the implications.   And I have never regretted taking that position.   Sure, things have been very difficult at times.  I have had to endure things I never thought I would face, and things I could not have imagined surviving.

But that is all right, because the difficulties and challenges I have faced have not destroyed me.  Rather, they have made me stronger.   I know God's promises.   They are real, and they are true.  They have not failed.  I am alive, and well, and strong today because of them.

I would not want to go through some of those challenges again, but neither would I "undo" them now, even if it were possible because what I have become as a result of those challenges and what they have built in me is more valuable to me than anything.   I have become a better "soldier" in this war and a better man because of them.

What about you?

Are you a "hunter", or are you the "hunted"?  Are you aggressively pursing a relationship with God?   (That is a "yes" or "no" question!)   Are you boldly doing what God has called you to do, or are you trying not to make any spiritual "waves" so that you will not be noticed by the enemy?

You do not have a choice to be in the war or not.   You DO have a choice how you will fight.

If you are going to be in the war anyway, fight to WIN!

Be a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

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