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Title:   Sowing and ...   waiting?
By Randall Vaughn

"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." (Gen 8:22 NIV)

It is December 10, 2003 as I begin this message.  Thirty years ago today, my grandfather, James Oscar ("Jim") McPherson, died.    [ Photo

"Granddaddy Mc" had a tremendous influence on every life he touched during his lifetime.  Especially mine.

He was the man that, as a little boy, I most wanted to be like when I grew up.  From his life I knew, with never a question, that God was real, because I saw Him in my grandfather.  He had a depth of love about him that was genuine, tangible, "touchable", more real than life.  He was a walking, talking, breathing example of God's love.

How did he become that?  I will explain in a bit, but there are some other things you must understand first.

It is both a law of nature and a principle of scripture that every harvest begins with a seed, without a seed, there can be no harvest, and a seed, sown in good ground, will produce a harvest.  Make no mistake - this principle is real, and it applies to more than trees, vegetables, and flowers.

In some Christian venues today, we hear a lot about "sowing" and "reaping".  In many of those, "sowing" usually has to do with money, in the context of "sowing" it into a particular ministry.  That is a valid concept, found in scripture in 2 Cor. 9:5-11.

I believe there is much more to be said about the concept of "sowing", not the least of which is found in Luke 8:11,  "The seed is the word of God".  That is the foundation of this ministry.  We sow the "seed", the word of God, all over the world, daily.    [ Read the story

But there is still more.

You see, I am a "harvest" of "seed" that was sown into my life by my grandfather, Jim McPherson.  He was a "harvest" of "seed" sown into his life by his father, David McPherson.

After my grandfather's death, my uncle Ben told me of when my great grandfather was dying, in a coma, and all the brothers were in the house.  There were six of them, and they took turns sitting with their father during this difficult time.

Uncle Ben told of how my great grandfather awoke from the coma and called for "Jim".  When he arrived at the bedside, my great grandfather said, "Jim, I want you to quit drinking whiskey and meet me in heaven."  Those were his last words.

It so affected my grandfather, that he gave his life to Jesus, and became the man I knew as a little boy.

He was a great teacher, founded a church that still exists today, and influenced more lives than can be counted.

But the greatest thing he did was to exemplify God's love to a little boy named Randall Vaughn.  He sowed that love, that "seed", into my life.  He taught me much, but that was the greatest of all.

"Granddaddy Mc" did not know the significance of that "seed", (and that was a seed as much as any other).  He did not know that the seed he was sowing would one day be spread to tens of thousands around the world, every single day.  He never knew.

But God knew.

He only let God use him in the way He wanted to use him, and for me, that was to be an example of Him that I could see, touch, and know.

If you are reading this message today, you are part of the harvest of seed that Jim McPherson sowed decades ago, and that David McPherson sowed even longer before that.

In this natural world, some seeds germinate almost immediately under any conditions.  Others must be in the ground for years before they begin to grow.  Still others may be sown, but will remain dormant until exact conditions are met.

Spiritually, it is no different.

Allow God to do whatever He needs to do in your life so that you can sow the seed He has give you to sow.

Remember:   Your responsibility - your ONLY responsibility - is to sow the seed.  You cannot cause the seed to germinate.  You cannot create the harvest.  You are not able or equipped.  You can only sow the seed.

Tending His seed and bringing it to the point of harvest is God's responsibility.  So, do not try to do His job.  Only focus on your job - sowing the seed He has given you.

You may feel as though you do not have much to sow.  Again, that is God's responsibility, not yours.  He can take your seed and multiply it far beyond anything you can imagine.

My grandfather could not have envisioned the harvest that is being reaped today - this very day - because of the seed he sowed into my life.  That harvest is not finished yet.  It continues to grow, daily.

But there would have been no harvest if my grandfather and great grandfather had not been faithful to sow the seeds they were given.

So, today I encourage you to take heart, even if you do not immediately see the harvest of your seeds sown.  The harvest will certainly come.  God promised.

Just do your job.  Sow the seed.

The rest is up to Him.

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