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A personal "word" from Randall Vaughn

E-MIN Founder
Randall Vaughn

E-MIN is, in some ways, a chronicle of my life.  It was birthed and against all odds survived through my wife's struggle with cancer and her death, an intense battle for my son, great financial and career loss because of those circumstances, and still more challenges.

E-MIN grew out of real struggles, pain, and loss, and real survival and triumph in God.  This ministry's very existence is, in and of itself, a testimony to the unfailing certainty of God's love, presence, and promises.   (Click Here to read the E-MIN Story

I believe that is why E-MIN and the messages I write seem to be, as so many subscribers have commented, so real.  It is so because they are real.

I survived my challenges because of one thing:

A real relationship with a real God who really loves me and is absolutely faithful to do ALL that He promised.

Through this ministry, I am attempting to communicate to others what I have learned through costly experience, in hope that the "learning curve" of others going through difficult situations can be shortened without sacrificing what they have to learn.

This may surprise you, especially if you know the depth of what I experienced, but I must say from my heart that if I could "undo" everything I have endured -- all of it --  I would not  !  Undo all the pain, the loss, and the seemingly endless days and nights of hurting beyond what I could have before comprehended or even thought I could endure?  No!  I would not, because what I have learned and the relationship I now have with God is worth more to me than life itself!

This may also surprise you, but I have come to understand that if it took all that I have experienced, endured, and survived to acquire that knowledge and relationship, then  it was a bargain !

I close with a simple statement, but in that simple statement, for me, is included all these things and more, and that "more" is a depth of hope, love, and compassion for you that could only be born of a depth of pain, loss, against-all-odds survival, and eventual triumph in God that you cannot understand or comprehend unless you have "been there".

Very simply, with all my heart, I say, "I hope you find E-MIN to be an encouragement in your life".

In His service,

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