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"Many times, we sit before the computer screen and weep because of the deeply moving responses we receive from subscribers around world.

Perhaps these responses, more than any other thing, is the best measure of the true effectiveness of this ministry."   - G. Randall Vaughn, President


From Saudi Arabia:

This ministry helps to encourage our walk in the LORD here in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).  As you all aware that it is not easy to avail reading materials such as Bibles in this country, but GOD always meet our needs and one way is of His working is through this ministry.


From South Africa:

Good morning, Pastor Vaughn:  I am really blessed by this ministry.  I share this moment with you that 3 souls were saved through E-MIN.  So take courage today.


From a U.S. soldier's wife:

I just wanted to thank you and encourage you.  I have been sending the E-MIN's to my husband who is in the United States Marine Corps and is at war.  He in turn shares them with his troops.

It is wonderful to have a Word from God to share daily with him even when he is so far away.  It amazes me how God finds ways to encourage and reach His people even in the middle of chaos.  Thank you for your wonderful ministry.  V.


From the Netherlands:

I just want to thank God, and thank you for making it possible for me to refresh my spirit every day with the "Seed".  E-MIN has been my guide for more than 2 yrs.

When I was fighting with drugs and other problems in my life, all I needed to do was open my e-mail, and there was the "Seed".  I realized that I wasn't alone.

I turn to Today's Seed instead of drugs.  My Lord Jesus took me out of a life of prostitution.  He really found me and I found Him, and I will NEVER let go of the NEW ME.

God bless you all. God Bless the E-MIN.  E-MIN has changed my life forever.  "Today's Seed" has taught me how to pray!

I thank God for the Internet.  May the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ Shine upon you all.


From a Bible Study group:

I discovered your ministry on the web a few months ago, and I and my bible class participants have been blessed by your short, incisive verses and comments.

We give copies to everyone in our bible class to keep, and then we review them once a month at a special hour devoted to your E-MIN devotionals.  Each person then discusses which verses/comments were especially meaningful and how it has impacted their lives and their spiritual growth.  We all learn, pray, and become more thoughtful, reverential Christians as a result of this time together studying your messages.  G.


From "K".:

Your Ministry is so encouraging.  Since December its like you know exactly what's happening in my life.  I'm faced with some challenging situations, losing my marriage and the uncertainty of loosing my job.  Your ministry is doing a wonderful job.  Every morning when I read the messages I still have hope.  I know that when God has put me in it He will see me through it.  Thanks a lot for the job well done.  God bless.  K.


From Susan Calvin:

"I met my husband in Sunday School. We became close friends and fell in love, with Christ in the middle of our relationship. We had a Christian wedding ceremony on October 21, 1995.

But then, seven weeks later, tragedy struck. My husband died as a result of a medication error by the hospital where I was a nurse.

After my husband's death, I really felt left out. Our devotion time had been three of us...God, myself, and my husband. I could no longer feel God, even though I knew He was there. I couldn't bring myself to read the Bible anymore. I could carry it and believe it. I just couldn't sit down and read it.

A friend signed me up for your daily devotional service. I didn't realize it at first, but I was reading the Bible again. It was just every morning on my computer. For that, I thank you. I didn't know the people behind the devotions, but I was having a daily devotion time again.

Your ministry has played a role in getting me to hang on just a little longer. Even when we are overwhelmed and others are againt us, you've reminded me that God understands and will provide the strength we need, even if we don't recognize it at the time.

Slowly, I can open my Bible again. Your ministry has helped show me that.


From Fran:

In 1989,I began losing my vision due to laser treatments and damage they did to my eyes. I am still blessed with some peripheral vision which allows me some freedom in mobility.

However, since losing my vision, the most important book in my life has become the most frustrating book for me to read. I used to enjoy marking upmy Bible and highlighting scripture as God spoke to me. Now, reading puts a hugh strain on my eyes and reading for short periods of time is about all I can do.

My friends and I have been praying for God to somehow help me with my problem. Seed e-mail ["Today's Seed"] was the answer. Daily now, I can enjoy a piece of God's Word, chew on it, and apply it to my life.

Thank you so much for your glorious ministry to those of us who suffer from the effects of low vision and struggle with getting God's Word. I am again enjoying the prayer and time with God. I cannot wait to open my e-mail and wee what God has for me each day.


From Misty:

I was not raised in church. My family sold beer and liquor in a local store in a very small town and I felt people looked down on them. So I began to feel I was not good enough to go to church. Unfortunately, this has carried over into my adult life. I feel so uncomfortable in church.

Someone sent me one of your e-mails and I love them! They have reintroduced me to religion in a way I am comfortable with. I look forward to them and many I copy so I can read them over and over. I have always believed in God, but now I feel more in touch with Him. I am more at peace, and I have the people at E-MIN to thank...so thank you!


From Kysa Daniels (fmr) CNN Headline News anchor: (after the 9/11 disaster in New York)

Thanks for your thoughtful and inspiring words concerning the attack on America...and our bodies and spirit. You encouraged us "to not let this be just one more sensational news report"...but to pray for those wounded emotionally and spiritually. As a member of the media, let me assure you that even on this side...we abandoned the sensation...and many of us are reporting fromthe heart...and in between we are weeping. I receive E-MIN daily here at work. Thank you. You are quite a blessing.


From LaVerne:

As you can read in my letter, my husband is suffering from moderate Alzheimer's, and is completely dependent on me. Therefore, I don't have much time to study scripture anymore.In fact, it is almost impossible to go to church on Sundays, and I miss the gathering of the brethren.

My husband was a deacon, teacher and leader of (the church). I also taught S.S. and a Bible Study in our home. We were also counselors. So you can see we were very active in the Lord's work, and now we are somewhat isolated.

That is why, Mr.Vaughn, your service is so very important to me. Your prayer, and the Lord's word keep me fed and gives me encouragement to face another day.

My husband, Duke is 80 years old, and I am 76 years old. I would like to take care of my husband until he goes home, but I need my strength renewed everyday, and that is exactly what your service does for me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You'll never really understand what this daily mini study does for my faith. Thank you again, and may the Lord richly bless you with good health and God's wisdom to continue in the new year of 2001.


From Marcy:

I started receiving Seeds because I had lost faith in God and a loving friend whom I had to let go of recommended me. I will never stop loving my friend but I know that God is here for me and the Seeds I received during my depression helped me believe in God again.


From Avis:

I would first like to thank you for the daily Word and the daily seeds you sow into my Spirit. Your ministry is such a blessing. I pray that God richly bless and keep you. It is because you have been such a blessing to me that I now write to you. I met a young woman last night online and she often can't get out of the house because of her illnesses. Can you please send seed to her? Her screen name is [___] and she is gravely ill but she has access to a computer. I believe that your ministry can be a tremendous blessing to her and to others like her.


From Judy:

You will never know how every morning these scripture speaks to my heart and my soul. I usually print them out and keep them close to me all day. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


From Adele:

On Monday of this week I came home from the [____] V.A. Hospital, recovering from my third major surgery. One of the things I had brought to the hospital with me was copies of E-MIN to share. I gave one to one of the doctors, then later I asked a nurse if she would post them on a bulletin board somewhere. When I left the hospital, I wrote a "Thank You" note on the last one I had and used it as a "card" to go along with a box of candy that my husband had bought for the hospital staff.


From a teenager in [Europe]:

I am a 15 year old girl from [____] and I have been a subscriber of Seed E-MIN for only three months or so however I still read your e-mail and it really did move me. I have however been save since i was 12, three years now and the past year I have had a real rough time.

My father was a drug addict for 15 years until last summer when the Lord delievered him and went over to one of the branches of my church in LA where they have a mens rehabilitation home (we have one here too). Three years I was in constant prayre for him breaking nearly every single day, sometimes just wishing he was dead as I thought it would make life a whole lot easier. (God had a different plan).

Thankfully I had the straightest mother, the most beautiful mother inside and out. When my dad got saved and went to the states it was a load taken off our shoulders. However I went completly down hill spiritually. I left the Youth ministry and music ministry, I stopped praying, everything was just a mess and it was only three months ago God started to really speak to me and show me that the world wasn’t for me.

You see I had never experienced it before and the devil made it seem so attractive but once I was out there it wasn't all that. Well three months have gone by and I am back in the youth I have started to re-build frienships i once had there but best of all I have re-built a friendship with someone who will never leave me nor forsake me, the one and only JESUS CHRIST.

I know it has taken me a long time to get to the point but I am finally here (thank you for your patience) Seed e-min has been a great help the last three months and has answered all sorts of questions and has encouraged me. It also helped me at the beginning to develop my prayre life again. THANK YOU!

I had never really thought about the work and prayer that was put into seed e-min and I had never even thought of it as a ministry until now. So really I am just writing to tell you that, you, your son and the ministry will always be in my prayres. I can always guarentee that the word you send through each day will speak to me (God is so GOOD) It always seems like it just aimed at me and I thank you for all your prayre you put into it as I know it isn't only me that is touched every time they open their e- mail. thank you for reading as I know it was probably a lot of hard work as i do ramble.


From Judy Guinn:

Let me just briefly tell you my situation. My husband was injured in a car accident December 29, 1999. After many weeks in hospitals and rehab, he is at home where I care for him. He cannot move or speak, has a feeding tube and can do absolutely nothing for himself.

Even though my days are busy caring for my beloved husband, there are still many moments when the loneliness of our situation overwhelms me. My husband and I both were extremely active in our church.

Your daily devotionals have been like manna to my soul. How many times have I sat before this screen early in the morning and read the scripture and prayer that was just what God needed for me to read for that partifcular day!

I have printed so many of them and put them around the house, that my grandchildren think it's wallpaper!

Seriously, I can't begin to tell you what this ministry has meant to me each day. I take time each morning before my husband wakes up to do my Bible study and have my prayer time, but I almost always read your e-mail first! Thank you so much for listening to the voice of God when He asked you to begin this ministry. I'm sure I am just one of many many people who are being blessed by it.


From L.L.

Thank you so much for having your ministry...On Friday evening, our apartment house, having put 5 years into it, restoring it,and about every dime we had, was arsoned by some young children. Many have said, they should have their fingers cut off, and all the regular stuf., like my kids wouldn't do it.. They found the 8 year old, with his BIC. We have already forgiven him, that situation he must someday deal with God about...Our mind is free from any hate.

We were only 2 weeks away from opening it....and now, its all gone. We thank God, no one was hurt! Just wanted to tell you, when I read those words, that the Lord comforts us when we are distressed, I broke down and cried. The first time since this happened. Must have been in shock, having never been thru anything like that before. Thank you so much, for being there.


From K.S.:

My grandmother is in the hospital at this moment and she is dying. We expect her to pass today. I have been struggling with my faith for a while and reading your e mails has been encouragement for me. Last night a close friend of mine prayed with me to rededicate my life to the Lord. It was an evening of tears and confusion. When I came into work today, there were a handful of your e-mails. Each one spoke to me. Thank you for this ministry. Maybe it will be just what I need. I will forward these to my family. They will give them comfort. Thank you.


From William in England:

I have just read your E-MIN message for today, containing the news of your wife's passing. My heart and prayers are with you at this time of parting. To be parted from one so dear is one of the most difficult things we have to face, and I pray that you will receive a special measure of the strength, love and comfort of our Lord at this time. Your and your wife’s ministry has always been an enormous blessing, comfort and encouragement - as well as a challenge to me, often bringing a word 'in season' through difficult times.

To know that you remained faithful to this work throughout a such a difficult period is both humbling and a challenge to everyone. It is a testament to Jesus living in you, and to your faithfulness which is an example to everyone.


From M.L. in Germany:

I just got your mail and I want to say that I was very touched. I want to say, that a lot of times when I am going through some things in my life (of course God never said that trouble will not come) all I do is read the "Today's Seed" and the answer to my prayer is right there. And I want to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH". God is really using your Ministry to help so many people in so many ways.


From S.G.L. in Finland:

I was so sorry to read about your wife's death. I pray that the Lord give you all the strenght that you need to deal with the new circumstances. Thank you for your E-Min messages. They are a blessing.


From A. in Nigeria:

I am writing you from Lagos in Nigeria. I want you to know that I treasure your daily messages and appreciate the good works which the Lord has used your wife and yourself to do for those of us who receive the messages. I hope it is some comfort to you that, through her work, she touched lives like mine in a way that she may never have dreamed possible.

I grow every time I read the passages you send and the prayers sent are always sounding exactly like 'what the doctors prescribed' to me. As a beneficiary, I can attest to the fact that it does matter to us and you do make a difference.


From Marie:

My niece sent me your e-mail address last year, after my husband of 32 years went home to be with the Lord! You have been a daily support spiritually and mentally, for there were days I couldn't think what to pray for strength...then I would read your e-mail for the day and God had used you to give me the words I needed.


From Barbara:

When I was reading all those lovely prayers you wrote these past few months, I had no idea what your family was suffering. Thank you for blessing the hearts of so many while yours was breaking. Thank you, too, for sharing with us your deep personal loss. May God continue to bless and use you to be a blessing to others.

Barbara W. Crider, Dept. of World Languages & Cultures, Samford University


From E.R.:

My friend subscribed me for this service and at first I thought, "Oh no, I don't need any more e-mail!" But this e-mail is a welcome message everyday. It is a reminder that man does not live by bread alone, and that we must tune into our spiritual health everyday. Thank you so much for your work, it touches many people in a most positive way.


From S.G.N.:

You - and your precious wife Rosemarie have helped me (and many others) with your ministry so much. Time for us anonymous ones to send condolences and love to you at this extremely painful time. Someone (not sure who -

maybe my brother, or co-worker) somehow got me on this list after the death of my 29 year old son. I'm cursed with a sadly skeptical nature and struggle with faith hourly and yet your inspirational messages have started my work day many a morning - giving me pause to think and a reminder to pray again for faith. So - thank you and thank you so much - dear Rosemarie - hopefully my precious son will meet up with you - at home!


From M.A.A. in Africa:

I have been richly blessed since my subscription started with your ministry. At times I wake up at the very early hours of the morning in order to read, pray and meditate on the daily seeds sent to me. May the Lord continue to bless you and your blessed ministry continually. We are, to the glory of the Almighty, still being blessed by your joint efforts and labour into the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


From A.B.

How wonderful to (be) involved in a ministry that directly affects so many people. I know that I have cherished receiving e-min for several months now and it really makes a positive start on my work day. It is amazing how you send what I most need to hear, at the time.

My husband is struggling with a chronic illness now and I am struggling to be a good wife and mother. It gets tough. I have to remember "Thy Will Be Done" not mine and E-min has been a wonderful support. God bless you...and I'll pray for you.


From V.J.

I would like to say, that I thank God for E-MIN. You and Rosemarie has touched the lives of many, and I have been able to bless other people through this ministry. Her living was not in vain. Just imagine what this word is doing if everyone of us spread this gospel that we receive from you, how marvelous it is to God? I am blessed by this ministry and will be praying for your strength in God.


From Mike:

It was with sadness that I read your e-mail regarding your wife & her passing on to Heaven, yet she is more blessed than we because she is at home with our Lord. That of course is not much consolation when she is absent from your presence. Be comforted however in the knowledge that your ministry has been a great blessing to me & my family -- we look for our "seed-e-min" daily. Practically every single day, it is one that fits our situation in life at that time!!!

We love this ministry, & you & your family will be in our prayers! The Lord Jesus knows you are hurting -- our prayer will be that He will wrap His wings around you, consoling you & comforting you, giving you peace until you meet with your wife once again! Bless you & this ministry!


From N.S.

I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. Even though you and/or your family will feel the direct effect of such a loss, your readers that wait patiently for the Word in the morning like I do will also feel the loss. This is the start of my morning but now I will think of your wife every day that I read it. God has a way of reminding us how precious life is and to cherish the time we have together as if it were our last. May God Bless you and your family during this time.


From M. in the Phillipines:

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for all the inspiring words you've shared with us. It helped and encouraged me in all my endeavors especially during my "down moments". Please continue sending me inspirational words and I assure you that your effort would not be wasted.


From Kenya:

Hallo there, We at Panatech Limited are standing with you at this trying moment when you are remembering your wife's death. Thank you also for the good work that you have been doing together and we believe it will continue since it is the Lord who started it through you. For sure it has been an encouragement for many of us here in Nairobi Kenya, especially here at Panatech Ltd.


From Zane:

The blessing we all receive from our daily dose of emin can only be measured in heaven, when you meet all the souls whose life your work has touched. Your ministry is vital and world changing, and I thank you for it.


From Stanley:

I thank God for the ministry he gave you and your wife. I am sorry for your loss and no one will miss her more than you. But I remember the scripture which says, " ALL things work for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called according to HIS purpose."

I thank God for letting you and Rosemarie find your pupose in life. It was to spread the word on the internet. You will never fully realize the magnitude of your ministry . Thank you and Rosemarie for touching my life and countless others. We'll be praying for your continued strength in the Lord .


From Rick:

What a wonderful thing you are offering people with the E-MIN. I was told about this by a coworker at WIAT T.V. - 42 in Birmingham. I have certainly been blessed by reading this every morning when I come into work. I also have it sent to my other e-mail address at home just so I can read it again after work hours.

I have also revered friends to this and put them on the list. And every person that I have recommended this to have thanked me for the gracious mail they receive each and every day.

Again, thank you very much for such wonderful words and prayers to start my day each morning.


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