What others have said about Today's Seed from E-MIN:

From Saudi Arabia:

This ministry helps to encourage our walk in the LORD here in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).  As you all aware that it is not easy to avail reading materials such as Bibles in this country, but GOD always meet our needs and one way is of His working is through this ministry.


From South Africa:

Good morning, Pastor Vaughn:  I am really blessed by this ministry.  I share this moment with you that 3 souls were saved through E-MIN.  So take courage today.


From a U.S. soldier's wife:

I just wanted to thank you and encourage you.  I have been sending the E-MIN's to my husband who is in the United States Marine Corps and is at war.  He in turn shares them with his troops.

It is wonderful to have a Word from God to share daily with him even when he is so far away.  It amazes me how God finds ways to encourage and reach His people even in the middle of chaos.  Thank you for your wonderful ministry.  V.


From the Netherlands:

I just want to thank God, and thank you for making it possible for me to refresh my spirit every day with the "Seed".  E-MIN has been my guide for more than 2 yrs.

When I was fighting with drugs and other problems in my life, all I needed to do was open my e-mail, and there was the "Seed".  I realized that I wasn't alone.

I turn to Today's Seed instead of drugs.  My Lord Jesus took me out of a life of prostitution.  He really found me and I found Him, and I will NEVER let go of the NEW ME.

God bless you all. God Bless the E-MIN.  E-MIN has changed my life forever.  "Today's Seed" has taught me how to pray!

I thank God for the Internet.  May the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ Shine upon you all.


From Misty:

I was not raised in church. My family sold beer and liquor in a local store in a very small town and I felt people looked down on them. So I began to feel I was not good enough to go to church. Unfortunately, this has carried over into my adult life. I feel so uncomfortable in church.

Someone sent me one of your e-mails and I love them! They have reintroduced me to religion in a way I am comfortable with. I look forward to them and many I copy so I can read them over and over. I have always believed in God, but now I feel more in touch with Him. I am more at peace, and I have the people at E-MIN to thank...so thank you!


From Kysa Daniels (fmr) CNN Headline News anchor: (after the 9/11 disaster in New York)

Thanks for your thoughtful and inspiring words concerning the attack on America...and our bodies and spirit. You encouraged us "to not let this be just one more sensational news report"...but to pray for those wounded emotionally and spiritually. As a member of the media, let me assure you that even on this side...we abandoned the sensation...and many of us are reporting fromthe heart...and in between we are weeping. I receive E-MIN daily here at work. Thank you. You are quite a blessing.


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