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Of special note:

On occasion, some subscribers recommend people to receive E-MIN messages that are hostile to the Christian message, thinking they are being "evangelistic" by doing so.  

Of course, I want everyone to know and receive Jesus as Savior, but realistically, I know that not everyone will do so.

The message below was received from an atheist. This person was expressing their point of view.

The response they received was certainly not a "religious" one, but it is one that I believe is correct.

I hope it made this person "think".  You judge for yourself....

Randall Vaughn, President
E-MIN Global Ministries

 An atheist's response to E-MIN:

"I am an atheist, meaning I do not believe in Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, Satan, Heaven or Hell."

"My belief is in the strength of my will power in choosing what is right and what is wrong, realizing the consequences of the choices I make.  I believe that every person is their own and everything thing they do leads to their own elimination or survival. I beleive in things like, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM, and I believe in taking chances, after all what is life without adventure."

"I have just removed myself from your e-mailing list because I do not know who signed me up.  I do hope you get to read this because I respect your religion and I would appreciate it if people realised that Atheists are not Satanic but really far from it."

"Thank you for hearing me out."

 My response:

Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts.  I did read it and wanted to offer the below in reply.  It sounds as though you may have had some encounters with some Christians who do not understand the things I will share herein.

I realize there are many that are essentially ignorant of the belief systems of others, and many as well that do not respect the right of others to choose what they wish to believe.  However, I am not one of those.

While I do not agree with your beliefs or philosophies, I do respect your right to choose what you wish to believe and base your life upon.  I believe that right of choice is the only thing I truly sovereignly possess, so it is of infinite value to me.

As a Christian, I would take the opportunity to share my faith with others when appropriate, however, what a person chooses to do when they hear is their responsibility.  I am not responsible for their choices, nor will I take that responsibility upon myself.

In other words (assuming you understand that I believe there is a choice of two literal eventual eternal destinations of the human spirit, which we commonly refer to as Heaven and Hell), if a person chooses to go to Hell, that is their choice.  If I can't change it, why should I worry about it?  That may seem to be a harsh attitude, but it is one that I believe is right.  My responsibility is only the "telling", not the "changing".

That is probably not what you expected to hear from the President of a Christian ministry organization.  I would like to see everyone believe as I do, for their own best interests, but I know everyone will not.

Therefore, we will be available to help anyone we can help, but we will not impose ourselves upon those who do not want our help. We respect their choices.

We do agree, as you said above, that each person bears the consequences of their choices, whether good or bad, right or wrong.  (I also understand that Atheists are not Satanists.)

As to who may have referred you, some people see it as being "evangelistic" to refer those of different beliefs to our service.  I feel sure they had your interests at heart, but please forgive them for the inconvenience, and we will remove your e-mail address from our distribution list.

Thanks again for writing.  I appreciate your response and the manner in which you shared it.

G. Randall Vaughn


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