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Welcome to E-MIN Global Ministries, a "different" Internet-based Christian ministry whose mission is to pioneer new and innovative ministries via the Internet.

Audio Greeting        "Just as a telephone call has been described as "the next best thing to being there", we may not be able to meet in person, but you can hear my voice.  I am real, and so is E-MIN."   Listen now

"To understand the "heart" of this ministry, read "The President's Page", a very personal message from my heart to you.

-- Randall Vaughn, founder and President

     Some "key" features of E-MIN:     (Click title for more info)

  Today's Seed

The "Seed" (Luke 8:11) helps you take scripture from "religious"  to real and apply it in your life.

This brief daily message delivers scripture with honest uncompromising prayers that are real for the real world you face every day.

Tens of thousands around the world begin their day with Today's Seed.   Find out why.

  5-For-Life Promise

Not a message to you, but a promise from you to God.   How it works

How much quality time do you spend with God daily?  Is it even five minutes?  Think about it. Better yet ...  DO something about it.

  The John 3:16 WALL

Thousands of names of loved ones our E-MIN family around the world is praying for to receive Jesus are posted on the WALL.  Join us in praying for them.

Are you praying for anyone?  Put their name on the WALL.  We will join you!  Visit the WALL.


Real, unedited stories of lives this ministry has touched around the world.  Read them

"The real measure is not what we say about ourselves, but what others say about us." 

  Tough Questions

"If God is so good, how could he let a child starve", and more.  (In the Testimonials section.)   Go there.


  Lessons from Life

Lessons from Life are "21st century parables" that take scripture and "wrap" it around real experiences for a sometimes challenging (but always honest) view of real of life and how God's Word applies to it.    Sample.

  The E-MIN Story

How and why this ministry was begun.
Read the story

"E-MIN grew out of real struggles, real pain, real loss, and REAL survival and triumph in God, and is, in and of itself, a testimony to the unfailing certainty of God's love, presence, and promises."   -Randall Vaughn  

 The President's Page

A very personal and touching message from Randall's heart to you.   Read it.   Then you will understand.

  Disciple's Cup

"...the people who live, work, and play in this "virtual" world and REAL.  The decisions they make in this "virtual" world have eternal consequences."    - Randall Vaughn

They are the reason we do what we do every day.   Help us reach them through Disciple's Cup.     Learn more.


You can submit prayer requests from this website. We have a team of Intercessors (people whose ministry is praying for others) who will join you in prayer.  Click here

Do you have difficulty finding the "right words" when you pray?  Try e-mailing your prayer to God.  He "hears" it just the same!  Learn more


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